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Some undesirable effects of vitamin E can appear in certain cases. Even, when they emerge, they are typically considered not dangerous, provided they are used in normal dosages. Nonetheless, excessive intake of vitamin E and extended use of it can provoke some side effects.

On vitamin E in general

This vitamin, vitamin E, is a vitamin that is soluble in water, and it is found in different foodstuffs such as cereals, green veggies, nuts, eggs and various fruits. This vitamin is of relatively thick consistency and is to be found in oils and creams. If you opt to take it in the form of artificial supplements, it can be found in the form of capsules, for example. It is a vitamin that is beneficial for the human body, provided we escape the potential side effects.

One of the most prominent characteristics of vitamin E is that it acts as an extraordinary antioxidant. These antioxidants are familiar for their abilities to ward off free radicals in the body and hence keep tissue and cells from harm. It is also highly beneficial for the skin. It helps reduce acne, apart from making scars less visible. When used on a specific patch of skin, vitamin E hydrates the skin and smoothes out wrinkles. Vitamin E can be quite handy when it comes to forestalling coronary ailments, as well as in curing muscle conditions, diabetes related conditions and other.

The potential negative aspect

The potential negative effects of vitamin E are by far more frequently encountered with people who take in high amounts of it, as well as with persons who use it for a long time. What can happen when we take in a lot of this vitamin is more frequent bleeding, particularly when we take anticoagulant medications along with vitamin E. What should also be kept in mind is that it may induce high levels of blood pressure and high cholesterol when combined with drugs for depression or heart conditions. In some infrequent cases certain problems can occur, such as sickness, pain in the abdomen, problems with kidneys, light-headedness, tiredness and headache.

Beside the aforementioned undesired and unplanned problems, some people may experience an allergic response like rash, itch, and sensation of burning or tenderness in the target region. Sometimes face or lips might get swollen. There are people who should be particularly careful when deciding whether they are going to take additional vitamin E. Here we have pregnant women, who need to consult their doctor. Also, people who experience problems with bleeding itself need to pay extra attention.

Another thing to remember is to make sure the vitamin is kept in appropriate conditions. For instance, if kept in warm conditions, it can became significantly less stable a lot before the official date of expiry.

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