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Glucosamine sulfate side effects: sodium

There are various side effects caused by glucosamine but probably the most common one is its ability to increase the intake of sodium a person intakes every day. There is a lot of sodium in a regular diet so a person does not need to intake any more. In order to prevent this from happening, a person simply needs to reduce the intake of salty foods so that the balance of sodium intake can be restored.

Glucosamine sulfate supplements have a lot of sodium in them. Certain supplements are even made of 30% sodium so a person should definitely read the label before buying any. A person should make sure that he or she does not exclude the sodium intake entirely because the nerve cells need sodium to function properly. On the other hand, too much sodium can lead to a high blood pressure.

Glucosamine sulfate side effects: allergic reactions

Most of the glucosamine supplements are derived from one thing and that is shellfish. Because of that, people allergic to shellfish will have problems if they are consuming these supplements. The really sensitive ones need only a minuscule of shellfish and that will cause an allergic reaction. Nowadays, in the United States over 6 million people are allergic to shellfish. A majority of these people are only allergic to protein in the flesh of the shellfish but there are those that are allergic to a gelatin made from the shellfish. This is the reason why doctors advise people who are allergic to shellfish to avoid consuming supplements that are derived from it altogether. However, a person who is allergic to shellfish can still consume this supplement but not the one derived from shellfish. There is a glucosamine sulfate supplement made from corn.

Glucosamine sulfate side effects: possible insulin resistance

There were some researches done on the animals where the scientists have noticed that glucosamine sulfate supplements might have an adverse effect on the insulin resistance. This is important because insulin resistance is in a connection with diabetes. However, no studies that were done on human subjects have either confirmed this or said that it was not true. Therefore, a person who is either suffering from diabetes or is in the phase when it is still developing should talk to a doctor before thinking about using this supplement.

Glucosamine sulfate side effects: gastrointestinal

There are also those side effects from the consumption of these supplements that are not serious. A softened stool and increased intestinal gas are some of them.

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