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What is the main problem with belly fat, why do people have so many problems with getting rid of it, especially men? Belly fat is more or less the same fat tissue that can be found in other body areas, but there is more of it in the abdominal area. This is because this region accumulates more fat than any other, it has affinity towards fat tissue, so when there is more fat in the organism than needed, the body saves it for the rainy days in the form of belly fat.

A fight!

So, what is the main problem with the abdominal fat? What should be known about getting rid of the belly fat and are people aware that stress may increase belly fat? Sit ups and crunches are not essential here, changing a lifestyle is a must. When it comes to stress, why is it even mentioned? Well, stress makes us eat more, because food, especially our favorite one, makes us generally happier. Unfortunately, that is only for a little while and after that, more fat is stored, raising stress levels again and making us want to eat more! Also, people under a lot of stress do not sleep enough and do not sleep properly, which is also a problem that might induce increase in weight, or at least slow down the weight reduction process. Stress also reduces self-confidence and this is very important to have on your side when dealing with extra fat tissue. Because of all this, it is an imperative to reduce stress levels in order to fight the extra weight.

Reducing stress

Luckily, there is one thing that is great for both stress reducing and for weight reduction and that is, of course, physical activity. It is more or less known how it affects the extra weight but what about stress? Some people claim that when they are stressed out completely, the only thing that actually helps is exhausting the body with some intensive exercising. And it is understandable. When the body is completely worked out, the mind focuses on recovery and rejuvenation, and not on the daily problems that caused stress in the first place. Of course, causes of stress will not be eliminated, but some temporary relief will be achieved and that might help with looking at the problem from a different angle. So, it can be said that physical activity might even help with solving some major life issues.

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