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Panic attacks and medications

The majority of individuals who suffer from panic attacks are on drugs such as antidepressant drugs, sedatives or some other drugs. Drugs are very efficient in preventing panic attacks from occurring, but they have to be used with attention because there is a risk for developing drug addiction. You don’t want this to happen because it will only make things worse. Patients usually succeed to get rid of panic attacks with the help of drugs, and once this happens, doctors advise them to gradually decrease the dosage of drugs in order to eventually stop using them.

Panic attacks and anxiety disorders can be treated successfully without constant use of medications. Anxiety and panic attacks are caused by negative, interfering thoughts, usually that something bad is going to happen to you or your loved ones. Those thoughts cause fear and physical symptoms such as tremor, sickness, dizziness, and breathing problems. When you experience something like this, you should work on relaxation techniques and learn other skills that might help you in order to decrease your anxiety.

How to eliminate anxiety and panic attacks without medicines?

You can start with proper hydration, which actually means that you need to drink a lot of water. Eight glasses of water per day is enough to hydrate your body. Water is very important because it helps nutrients in your body to get to the right places. Not enough water in your body can cause anxiety symptoms. You should also be careful about what you are eating and drinking. Caffeine, salt and sugar should be avoided as much as possible, and instead, plenty of fruits and vegetables should be eaten. That will help you to relieve panic attacks and anxiety.

It is very important to sleep and rest well, because when rested, you can easily control your thoughts without letting them to control you. When you are able to stop those negative thoughts, you will be able to prevent panic attacks and anxiety. Also, you can learn how to breathe properly and that will help you relax. You should breathe deeply and from your stomach in order to calm down. You should try to find out what situations are making your anxiety to rise. When you find out what they are, you can reduce your anxiety by preparing yourself for that kind of situations. For example, if it is a public speech, you can prepare for that and think positively about it.

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