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Panic attacks and anxiety are not rare problems. They havebeen present since the ancient times and people used different methods toresolve them. Some of the remedies endured the test of time and they are stillin use, while others are long forgotten and disregarded as inefficient. Panic attack can hit any person at any time, and there are literarymyriads of ways to deal with them. However, several are known to work for mostpeople and if you happen to suffer from anxiety or panic disorder here’s whatyou can try.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

When having panic attack, the most important thing is tocalm your nervous system. Simply acknowledge that you are hyperventilating andsay to yourself that what is happening is completely okay. You need to let theepisode to pass. Just let it go. Once you do that, your heart beat will getback to normal and you will feel calmed and in control.

Drink Water

Having a glass of water in the middle of panic attack isalso proven to work and to calm. Hyperventilation may cause dehydration, sowhen your drink a glass or two of water while standing upright there are goodchances the panic attack will go away.

Watch What You Eat

Our diet and lack of certainsubstances in the body may be the cause of panic attack or anxiety. Make sureyou take sufficient amount of magnesium, calcium and B vitamin complex everyday, since these are known to provoke anxiety in cases of deficiency. Avoid artificialsweeteners and caffeine in every form (coke, tea or coffee), because they cantrigger the panic attack. Drugs and alcohol are known to use nutrients andvitamins from the body and thus should not be consumed if you have anxietyissues.

Some suggest taking 500 to 2.000mg of Niacinamide andmagnesium glycinate every day, claiming that these supplements can help youresolve panic attacks or anxiety.

Breathe Properly

When faced with panic attack – breathe. Lay down on a flatsurface and start breathing from the diaphragm, with slow inhales and exhales. Breathethrough the nose and you will feel better after just few minutes of exercise.

Try Lavender Oil

Essential oil of lavender may also be used to treat panicattacks. Dab few drops of the oil to the cotton ball and when you feel like youare going to have panic attack start breathing it. Relaxing aroma of thisessential oil should calm you almost instantly.

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