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Fear is good thing for people. It is a positive emotion that reminds us to take care of ourselves. However, many people live their life avoiding the situations which might cause fear, because they experienced panic attacks.

Panic attack is not unnatural thing. It happens, and it is a quote common condition. You might be experiencing panic attacks before or because of some public speech, and sometimes even just the thought about the heart attack of some overheard footsteps in the dark alley might also provoke this condition.

How Body Reacts to Fear

When you see (or experience) a certain situation as the threat your body reacts to that impulse. Even though the threat might not be real and rational, your body will still react. Adrenal glands are the organs that will respond to the fear and the sense of the emergency, releasing adrenalin into the bloodstream.

Just three minutes from the moment your brain received emergency signal your body will be pumped with adrenalin. Your muscles in the arms and legs will be filled with some extra blood as well as your brain. This situation will last for as long as there is a signal for emergency. When the signal stops – your brain will stop the release of adrenalin.

How to Stop Panic Attack

Once you learn to stop panic attack it would last for only those starting three minutes of adaptation of your body and not a minute more. Remember, it takes just three minutes. Simply, send the message to your brain that there is no emergency and your brain will stop the release of adrenalin.

There are 4 easy steps to stop the panic attack. When you are suffering from this condition, you know that it might get anywhere and anytime. So, write these steps down, on a card and put it in your wallet, to be alwayshandy.

Steps include:

RelaxStop negative thinkingUse coping statementsAccept what you are feeling

It might look too easy, but it is proven to work. When you feel the panic attack is emerging, try to relax. Breathe calmly, slow and deep and remember that’s just panic attack and nothing more serious. Then shout “STOP” inside you. This simple word will stop the disastrous thought in your head and adrenal gland from releasing more adrenalin. Now, replace negative thoughts with some positive, remembering yourself that panic attack lasts for only 3 minutes, that there’s nothing wrong with your heart or there’s no one in the street behind you. Then, accept the fear or anything else you might be experiencing. Diagnose yourself and admit what you are afraid of. After that, the fear won’t be so paralyzing and causing panic attacks.

In case your panic attacks are very severe and frequent, consultation with the doctor might be a good idea. Also, you could try working with the Neuro Liguistic Programming (NLP) or hypnosis.

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