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What Are Anxiety and Panic Attack?

Anxiety is a psychological and physiological state characterized by Somatic, emotional, cognitive as well as behavioral components. It creates many feelings such as fear, worry, uneasiness and dread. Anxiety is considered to be a normal reaction to stress and may help an individual to cope with complex and difficult situations. In case anxiety becomes excessive it is classified as anxiety disorder.

A panic attack is an episode of intensive and sudden fear or apprehension. This episode occurs abruptly, reaches its peak within 10 minutes and does not linger for more than 30 minutes. A panic attack may be as short as 15 seconds and develop in a cyclic form. The effects of a panic attack are different and one may experience a whole variety of symptoms.

Even though some people suffering from anxiety and panic attacks require specific medications mild cases can be easily brought under control without the intake of drugs. The goal of the treatment (no matter whether it is medicamentous or associated with lifestyle changes and application of certain techniques) is to allow such patients to function normally and perform their daily activities as easy as possible. Normally, if a person has already consulted a doctor who chose to prescribe certain medications the patient is supposed to take the drugs regularly and never discontinue the treatment without previous consultation with his/her physician.

How to Eliminate Anxiety and Panic Attacks without Medications?

There are some tips that may be helpful to people suffering from anxiety and panic attack.

The first thing one should do is to drink plenty of water. A good drinking habit allows the body to transfer different nutrients through the body. Anxiety may be associated with water deficiency. So, the condition may be controlled with proper hydration.

Furthermore, one must have a proper diet. In case the diet is balanced the body can function adequately and perform all its duties. With proper diet the body becomes strong enough to fight stress and anxiety. Acidic diet may induce anxiety, hence it is not recommended. Intake of salt and caffeine must be restricted. The best thing is to maintain an alkaline diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

Anxiety and panic attacks occur less if one has plenty of rest and sleep. Only when the body is well rested it possesses optimal physical and mental control.

Breathing exercises are of additional help. Proper breathing techniques can help an individual to stay calm while deep breathing effectively releases tension.

And last but not the least, an individual is supposed to identify the trigger of anxiety or panic attacks. In case the trigger is eliminated or one becomes capable of controlling it anxiety and panic attacks will occur less.

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