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Genital herpes

Genital herpes is a disease that belongs to the group of STDs, and it affects the genitals, bottom and tights. Genital herpes is manifestedthrough the appearance of small and painful sores on the skin. In the majority of cases, the genital herpes is caused by type2 herpes simplex virus, while the cold sores are caused by type1 herpes simplexvirus. When one gets affected by this virus, it stays in the bodyforever, and it can remain dormant, or it can be triggered by various factors.

When a pregnant woman develops genital herpes, it is always importantto inform the doctor about it, since there are cases when this virus is harmfulfor the baby. The most common symptoms of genital herpes are painfulsores in the vaginal area, vaginal discharge, stinging or burning sensation. A pregnant woman can get infected with this virus from skinto skin contact with the infected region, through oral sex if the partner hascold sores, through the sexual intercourse with the infected partner or throughsharing various sex toys.

Genital herpes and pregnancy

Genital herpes is a quite serious condition when it appears inpregnant woman, since it can harm the baby. Still, it is not always like that, because there are many women who deliver a healthy baby even when they have genital herpes. Genital herpes is serious only when a pregnant woman gets infectedfor the first time in the late pregnancy, since the symptoms of this conditionare the most severe with the first outbreak.

Neonatal herpes is the condition when the baby gets infectedby herpes from the mother. Neonatal herpes is a serious condition and it can putthe baby’s life in danger, which is why it is extremely important to tell thedoctor when genital herpes is present in either the pregnant woman or herpartner.

If the woman gets infected before she conceives, the baby’s health cannot be impaired since the body has already madethe antibodies against the herpes simplex virus. When the woman gets genital herpes in the first three monthsof pregnancy, the most serious outcome of it would be the miscarriage, although it does not happen so often. When a pregnant woman gets infected by genital herpes in herlate pregnancy, especially in the last six weeks of pregnancy, the baby wouldcatch the herpes simplex virus from the open sore during the delivery.

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