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Genital herpes in men

One of the sexually transmitted diseases is genital herpes. The virus that causes it is already in the body of a human and its overproduction can be triggered by various causes, which leads to the occurrence of genital herpes. It is very important to detect the symptoms of this infection in order to treat it promptly and avoid certain further complications that may arise. Unfortunately, many men get this infection through unprotected sex and frequent changing of sexual partners. In the majority of cases, it is only noticed when it has advanced, so that the medications and painful therapy are needed.

The main cause of genital herpes in men is herpes simplex virus type 2. There is also herpes simplex virus type 1, but this type of virus in the majority of cases causes cold sores or oral herpes. Herpes simplex virus stays in the body forever, once, it enters the body, but it may be never triggered. On the other hand, stress or certain severe or chronic diseases may cause the overproduction of it and immune weakness.

Symptoms of genital herpes in men

The most common symptoms of genital herpes in men are constant tingling and itching in the region around the genitals. In the most cases, these two early symptoms are ignored and are not taken seriously. They even occur before the outbreak of genital herpes. When the genital herpes outbursts, the most obvious signs are painful red bumps around the penile area. Gradually, these bumps develop into blisters and eventually into open sores. The open sores are very painful and may cause many complications to the overall health of an infected man. The final stage of genital herpes is marked by the appearance of scabs all over the sores. In this last phase, the genital herpes cannot be controlled any more. Furthermore, the men with genital herpes may also experience several other symptoms, such as swollen lymph node and painful urination, as well as headache, fever and tiredness.

It is crucial to visit a doctor once the symptoms are noticed, because this condition is a very serious for the health of a man. Therefore, it must be treated right away after diagnosing. Moreover, one must know that a man with genital herpes and this syndrome may have a normal life if he treats this condition with medications and certain therapies.

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