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Regardless of the type of diabetes that the person has, diabetics have to make some dietary alterations and in thefollowing text, we will see which foods are best and most beneficial for them. Forinstance, fruits are good, but not all of them, because some have high sugarcontent while others do not, so diabetics have to be careful regarding the fruits that areallowed and those that are not. They can eat fresh along with the frozen fruits, but canned fruits and those rich in sugar are not allowed for consummations.The mentioned prohibited kind of fruits is nothing like the natural ones andthey are sweet. We advise you to avoid such fruits if you are suffering from diabetes.Diabetics need to avoid dried fruits as well, due to their high sugar content.This compressed sugar is bad for diabetics and this kind of fruit is concentrated becausethey are smaller in size due to the drying. So it is best to avoid eating food which you can eat full or whole. Sizeis important so eat only fruits that you cannot eat whole. Also due to thehigh level of sugar, dry fruits must be avoided.

Diabetic Super Food

The best food a diabetic can eat is that which is low in sugar. The foods that have50% or lower glucose level are considered safe for the consumption ofdiabetics, but there is no strict rule for this, just a guideline. We willnow see which of the fruits are best for diabetics. The first on the list are grapefruits, mostly due to their lowering of the bloodglucose level properties. Besides this, they are very delicious food. We advise you to takea juice made from grapefruit after or before a meal and this will improve theinsulin secretion. Next fruit is apple and this might be the best food for diabetics.The level of blood glucose will be lowered by consuming only one apple a day. Orangesare also beneficial and they will control the blood glucose level. The reductionof the fiber quantity is guaranteed, but be careful that the sugar level of theorange juice is in similar to the amounts of one whole fruit. Thereis a “List Of Foods For Diabetics To Eat” in order to find the best diet foryour specific needs and your type of diabetes.

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