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Diabetics and Nutrition

Having a child who is suffering fromdiabetes will require his/her parents to take good care of thenutrition and provide only meals which are adequate. Therefore, acomplete reconstruction of common diet plans is necessary. However,this does not mean that the child will not be able to eat anything atall. Many normal types of food can be prepared andthey only need to be made in a manner safe for diabetics to consume.Eating the right food is a must for juvenile diabetics since, thisway, they regulate their blood sugar and maintain its normal levels.

All this can be very hard for theparents initially, especially due to the fact that they may know nothingabout diabetes and nutrition related to this condition. Therefore,they need to get informed on many different subjects. Still, takinginto consideration that not necessarily all information found isgood, they need to be careful as well. They are advised to use theenormous knowledge present in books and on the internet, but to choose the materials carefully.

A great start, when searching for anadequate diet for a diabetic child, is the American DiabetesAssociation which offers the pyramid of diabetic nutrition. Here,there are types of food classified in certain groups, making it mucheasier for a parent to organize a meal by knowing which of theingredients are allowed, needed or necessary for maintaining the health of his/her child.

Diet Plan for Children Suffering fromDiabetes

The first group is starchy food whichoffers carbohydrates which are very healthy. So, whole grains, rye,black eyed peas, oats, corn and potatoes are all excellent to beturned into delicious meals and snacks for your child. As far asservings are concerned, everything from six to eleven will suffice.However, it is best to consult with a professional dietitianbeforehand.

Next come vegetables and fruits, beingsources of vitamins, fiber and carbohydrates as well as many othernutrients. Two to five servings of each are recommended.

Three servings of milk a day can beexcellent for your child since it is a great source of calcium andnumerous vitamins. Still, you are best off by choosing low-fat milksince these products can be quite fatty.

We cannot imagine nutrition withoutproteins, minerals and amino acids. Lean meat and meat products arethe best source of all these. So, keep the fat low, and nutritionalvalues high for your child.

Finally, sweets, alcohol and excessivefat are all forbidden in a diet of a diabetic child.

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