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Facts about Muscle Pain

We all have worked out or played sports atsome point in our lives. Thus, we knowthat every time we gave our muscles a hard time, exposing them to toomuch stress, we were bound to feel pain the next morning. Namely,whenever muscles get exposed to excessive stress and tension, theytend to get into a sore, burning after a period of one or two days.This can decrease our performance significantly and may cause uspain, mobility issues and discomfort. So, if you ever wanted to learnmore about this phenomenon, read on.

The Reasons behind Muscle Soreness

This soreness usually takes place afterengaging our muscles in a way we have never done before. This happenswhen we take up a new sport, or do physically demanding things wehave not done in a long time, or ever before. There are many theoriestrying to explain this condition. In the past, we thought that lacticacid gets accumulated in the muscles during exercising, causing allthe symptoms afterwards. However, this has been ruled out and thereare new theories behind this phenomenon today. Many people think thatsmall tears get made in either the muscle tissue or the connectivetissue between the muscles. These tears are actually small injuriesmade due to unnatural movements the muscle in question had toperform. Thus, it needs time to recuperate and get used to these newmovements and kinds of stress. Other causes may be changes are osmoticpressure, changes in calcium regulation in our muscles or musclespasms.

Is This a Problem?

You need to overcome this stage since,after recuperating from the overstress, your muscles will adapt to itin the future, causing no pain and discomfort once you continueworking out the same way. Later on, as both you and your muscles getmore experienced regarding a certain exercise, you are bound not toexperience more pain and perform much better in whichever kind ofactivity your muscles have gotten used to. Therefore, this phenomenonis nothing strange or scary. Rather, you just need to go through withit, make a pause between your workouts once you experience thissoreness, and get back once it is gone. This way you will be able toadvance in any kind of physical activity you want. There is no needfor visiting a doctor, or using some kinds of medications etc.Simply, endure it, and your muscles will be capable of enduring muchmore next time.

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