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A few words about diarrhea
As already well known, diarrhea is the medical term of the very common disorder of the digestive system and the overactive bowel functions. The condition is manifested as a very frequent urge for expelling the stool, which is bland, semi-liquid or completely liquid and, additionally, the sensation of having more of the faeces to expel and the feeling of not being able to ignore the intense mentioned urge.
Of course, having in mind how common this disorder is, it can be concluded that there are a lot of the available medications for successfully dealing with diarrhea. However, it is more beneficial to at least try the remedies based on the natural ingredients, since they are less likely to trigger some negative possible responses of the organism. But, even more beneficial treatment is the one simply focused on the proper dietary regime and he beneficial foods for the normal process of digestion. Anyway, first of all, the diet against diarrhea must contain a lot of the fluids, since the biggest accompanying trouble of this condition is the dehydration.
Nevertheless, in some other cases, when it is not the consequence of the intake of the unhealthy foods, diarrhea can be the indicator of some more severe health condition, mostly associated with the intestines and the bowel. Those are the cases when the medical help should be provided.
The foods which shouldn’t be eaten
So, first of all, one should be informed which foods are better to stay away from. Those are the greasy foods, because they cannot be easily digested and because they force the contractions of the bowel. The similar effect on the bowel and all the gastrointestinal system have the milk products, especially in the cases of the people who suffer from the depletion of the enzyme called lactase, which has the function of decomposing the lactose molecules.
As harmful are the artificial substitutes for sugar, and they can be found in the diet beverages, bubble gums and snacks, but they are focused on forcing the passage of the faeces through the intestine.
There are also some veggies which lead to the increased amount of gas and they are cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and the similar.
Nevertheless, the carbonated beverages are very harmful for the digestive systems of some people, not to mention the possible negative effect of the coffee and alcohol, which really could force the more frequent movements of the bowel and could easily irritate it. Additionally, the harmful foods are: the polluted foods by the micro-organisms, not properly washed veggies, and the similar cases of impurity.

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