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Why is the stool green sometimes?

The first thing that comes into mind when thinking about the cause of the stool of the green color is, logically, that the reason for that is the intake of the green vegetables, or to be more precise, of their leaves which are used in culinary, such as, for example, spinach. However, this outcome of the process of the digestion could be the case of suffering from some underlying condition, since the hardness and color of the stool is usually the best reflection of the health of the individual.

The most common causes

So, if the process of the defecation results in the green feces, besides the reason mentioned above, it could happen because of some artificial substances in the ingested foods. Similarly, if someone must take the iron additives, he or she will have the blackish or green stool. That is because there is usually a lot the waste iron that isn’t absorbed in the process of the digestion. In addition, some medications are prone to cause this effect and most commonly those are the drugs for the encouragement of the more frequent bowel movements.

As far as the underlying conditions as the provokers of the green feces are concerned, they are usually the consequence of the entrance, settlement and the multiplication of the bacteria into the digestive system, usually in the intestines. Sometimes, the bacteria salmonella can cause this outcome, and this problem is also accompanied by the bland stool. Besides the infections triggered by bacteria, the other causes may be the syndrome of the irritated bowel, malignant tumor, Celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, the growth of the ulcer in the colon, and the similar. Nevertheless, very troublesome symptoms will follow the green color of the stool in the case of eating some poisonous substance. However, this condition is very useful, since it figures as the normal response or the defensive mechanism against the harmful substances. That is, the organism doesn’t want to absorb the poisonous material and that is why it is expelled as the waste product, through the stool.

Anyway, when it comes to the treatment of this condition, first of all, the beneficial healthy eating regime must be introduced into the lifestyle, and, of course, one should stay away from the foods that caused the green color of the feces in the first place. But, if it is not the only indicator of the condition, and if there are some other following troubles, such as, for instance, the ache in the abdomen, the increased temperature of the body, the unexplainable loss of weight, fatigue, the blockage of the stool or diarrhea, one should seek the immediate medical advice.

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