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A few words about heartburn

Heartburn is very common condition which happens as the consequence of the poor digestion. That is, the provoker of this problem could be simply eating right before going to bed, which interferes with the easy process of digestion. This condition is manifested as the pain in the stomach and as the characteristic burning discomfort felt in the esophagus; and that is why it is tightly associated with the acid reflux. The latter one mentioned is the problem of acid coming all the way to the throat and it is also the consequence of the bad digestion. Additionally, in many cases, heartburn is the indicator of the acid reflux.

However, this irritation is also likely to happen among the pregnant women, and as well can be triggered by the excessive intake of alcohol, as the side effect of using some medications, and of course, by some harmful and hardly digested foods. Having in mind that the medications are often harmful for the digestion, it is the better choice to use the natural remedies for the treatment of this problem.The most beneficial treatment

Firstly, of course, some healthy eating habits should be introduced into the lifestyle. Very important is eating slowly and chewing every bite enough times, but, as the harmful foods are concerned, some of them are the following: the saturated fats, the fast food, the fried foods, caffeine, carbonated and the drinks of acid flavor, and hot and spicy meals. Also, the last daily meal should be eaten more than two hours before sleeping and the consumption of the beverages after meal is also harmful.

The good eating habits are the key to the successful prevention and dealing with this problem. Additionally, in the case f the fat people, the diet should be followed, so that the risk of even getting heartburn in the first place could be significantly decreased. Also, the good digestion is due to the regularly done physical activities. When going to sleep, if already suffering from heartburn, one should try to sleep in slightly sitting position, in order to improve the digestion.

When it comes to the successful natural treatments of this condition, very beneficial is aromatherapy, that provides the alleviation from the emotional stress, which usually plays the important role in leading to heartburn. Very effective is to simply eat Marshmallow, since it makes certain protective film over the membrane of the esophagus. It could be consumed in the form of the tea, as well. For the same purpose, by chewing the gum, one could trick the digestive system into creating more mucus. Besides it, the most popular fruits for improving the digestion are pineapple and papaya. Also very beneficial is the juice extracted from Aloe Vera, which stops the irritations, in general.

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