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Painful and Mysterious

Frequent migraines are the troubles ofmany people among us. These may strike every day, follow the certainpatterns, or have no explanation at all. Migraines are painful andextremely uncomfortable, possibly going hand-in-hand with vomitingand nausea. Also, a troubled person may experience headaches andvision problems before the migraines strike. There are numerous othersymptoms and premonitions of an ongoing headache of this type.However, people rarely know what causes them and, therefore, areunable to stop them. One of the most common cause of these problemsis lifestyle of the troubled person. Namely, sometimes, your dailyhabits and your nutrition may influence your health significantly.Thus, read on in order to find out which types of food are likely tocause migraines, so that you know what not to include in your diet.Perhaps these small changes will greatly influence your well-being,removing migraines from your life.

Migraine-triggering Food

These painful phenomenons are usuallycaused by proteins in some food. These proteins are capable ofincreasing your blood pressure and alter some other processes in yourbody, possibly resulting in your migraines. Many people are able tobreak the proteins in question easily, through digestion. On theother hand, people who suffer from migraines probably havedifficulties in achieving these bodily processes adequately.

Thus, various dairy products likecheese and yogurt, along with milk all may be the culprit because ofthe histamine in them, capable of pressuring our brain membrane.Additionally, meat, beans and canned soups may trigger migraines too.As for fruits and vegetables, papaya, bananas, plums, dry figs,tomatoes, spinach, onions and many others have high levels of theproteins in question. Finally, peanut butter, yeast, whole nuts andcereals may be the usual suspects behind your migraines as well.

Processed food contains additives whichcan lead to the onset of these annoying headaches. Thus, avoidproducts with preservatives since these may be the main reason behindyour troubles. Sausages, pickles, bacon, peperoni, hot dogs and manyother products of these types are all full with differentpreservatives and are therefore not recommended.

Certain drinks also have thesesynthetic chemicals used for preservation, having the same effectupon your well-being. These are coffee, spirits and other alcoholicbeverages, carbonated sodas, teas etc.

Even though the list is long anddiscouraging, all these types of food may cause you migraines andshould not be taken lightly. However, some other conditions may bebehind your problems. Thus, it is best to seek medical opinion beforemaking some radical diet changes of this type.

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