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Bloating of the abdomen

Upon having a meal, some peoplewill on occasion or even regularly experience bloating in the abdomen. It canbe a very bothersome situation, but knowing what kind of food provokes thisstate is useful if one seeks to forestall bloating. This article will aim atproviding you with more information about this problem.

Most typically, this bloating inthe abdomen will occur immediately after having eaten certain foods. It isnormal and expected that the stomach will visually look bigger after you havehad something to eat, and the size of the stomach will be in proportion to thesize of the meal. However, sometimes a relatively modest amount of food isenough to cause bloating in some people. The bloating feels as if there issomething big in the abdomen that exerts pressure on the surrounding tissue.

For instance, an individual maybe to a lesser or greater extent intolerant to some kind of food, and theingestion of that foodstuff will cause bloating and fullness of the stomach.For some people it is a dairy product, like cheese or milk, for others it issome other type of food. Apart from bloating, the symptoms may include passingof gas and belching. If the symptoms persist, it could be the case that aperson is suffering from some serious condition, such as irritable bowelsyndrome, Crohn's disease etc.

Types of food that potentiallyprovoke bloating

These foods are all around us,and some of us will suffer from bloating which is caused by some foodstuff thatis included in their everyday menu. If you eat food that is not suitable foryour organism and that your body cannot process properly, different unwantedprocesses may start to happen. Some type of bacterium that exists in theintestinal system, or a parasite, may thrive when you ingest food that is amongthose that provoke bloating.

Among veggies, there are somethat contain starch that cannot be processed in the intestinal system. In theinstances where the body is unable to digest such food, a suitable ground iscreated for over-multiplication of bacteria. The list of such foods includesbroccoli, cauliflower, some bean-based dishes and cabbage. On the other hand,there are foods that are generally considered extremely good for the digestivesystem, but in some instances act as irritants of the intestinal system andprovokers of bloating. Wheat is one of those foods. The substance in it that caninduce bloating is called gluten, and it is transformed into a type of toxin inthe digestive system of some individuals leading to bloating.

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