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Easily digested foods are suitable for people who have chronic or acute stomach problems. For example, such foods are recommended after food or alcohol poisoning, during stomach flu or for people who have gastroenteritis, and similar illnesses.

Also, the ability to digest food gradually decreases with age, which is why elderly people are often advised to make modifications in their diet plan. Eating easily digested foods is also recommended for most people after holidays, when the stomach gets tired from digesting all the delicious holiday dinners.

Foods that are easy to digest are those that are low in fat and in fiber.

Easily digested foods

When one thinks about foods that will not aggravate the gastrointestinal system, especially after certain diseases, the word “bland” comes to mind. This is simply wrong. Easily digested foods can be not only delicious, but also very nutritious. The trick is to get to know which foods will work best and then prepare them according to taste.

For example, green leafy vegetables are very easily digested, especially if they are cooked. They are packed with vitamins and minerals and they do not slow down digestive processes in the body. They are also an important part of many weight loss programs, so that is another advantage.

Rice is another food recommended by doctors for people who need to soothe their stomach. It is easily digested and its contents stimulate the digestion without irritation.

Chicken, especially if skinless and boneless, has a low fat count so it is suitable for people with digestive problems. It should be cooked as simply as possible, without adding fats or strong spices.

Bananas are the usual remedy for people with upset stomach, even for babies and children. This is because bananas contain certain enzymes that promote good digestion and soothe the stomach.

Plain crackers are another useful food when it comes to relieving the symptoms of indigestion or food poisoning. They taste good to so people are not reluctant to include them in their diet.

Gelatin is an important part of hospital food, and for good reason. It is very easily digested and it has the ability to soothe the stomach.

As for the bread, it is proven that toast takes less time and effort to digest than fresh bread, so it should be food of choice for those suffering from stomach problems.

Meal sizes

Of course, no food will help the condition if it is taken in excessive quantities. Having few abundant meals will aggravate the stomach much less than dividing it into more smaller meals. Having only two or three big meals a day will sure trigger stomach problems like bloating and indigestion. Also, after eating a lot one feels the need to lie down and rest, which is not recommended after meals. The best thing to do is to have five or six smaller meals a day, comprising of the abovementioned foods that will not aggravate the stomach.

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