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This problem is very common today and it can be a source of great frustrationand discomfort. It can also cause abdominal pain. For those who donot know what diarrhea is, basically, it is a rise of bowel movement number.Also, this is followed by a watery stool. As we have mentioned, this problemis very common and almost every person has this problem at least once a year.The food we eat is the most common cause of this problem, which is also calledloose motion. Many food items can cause diarrhea. It is not common to go outsomewhere for a dinner and in the morning wake up with a water stool. Thisfood just didn't suit the digestive system and this will lead to the number ofstools during one day. Naturally, based on this we can assume that avoiding thesefoods will reduce the chances of diarrhea. So, we will give you a list ofseveral food items known to cause diarrhea.

Diarrhea Causing Food

Know that many food items can cause diarrhea, but some cause diarrhea only whenthey are consumed in excessive amounts. On other hand, some cause diarrhea byjust entering the digestive system. The first food we will mention and whichcan lead to diarrhea are dairy products. The diarrhea can be caused by theseproducts in people who do not tolerate lactose. People who are lactose intolerantshould know this and avoid dairy products. Next is the red meat. Many benefitsfor human body are located in red meat and dairy products as well. It is notgood to eliminate the nutrients located in these products, but they can be foundin other food items, too. You can substitute red meat with white meat or fish. Trynot to eat a lot of meat since it can sometimes be hard on the stomach andcause diarrhea. Diarrhea is followed by dehydration that can cause weakness ofthe body due to the loss of fluids. Alcohol is not a good ideaif you are having diarrhea because it leads to worse dehydration and diarrhea.Caffeine can also cause diarrhea and make dehydration problem even worse. Itcan be used as a diuretic. If you are having constipation, food with a lot offiber is recommended, but if you are having diarrhea, then it is not recommended to eat it, since it canenhance bowel movement. Avoid meals which have a lot of spices, since they canlead to diarrhea, too.Know that eliminating the mentioned food items from the consumption is notrealistic, but try to avoid some in order to control the problem.

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