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Gout is one of many types of arthritis. Many people who experienced the pain caused by the gout claim this hurt as much as the childbirth and last approximately the same amount of time. The problem with this medical condition is that once you got it more flares are almost inevitable.

We know what causes gout. These are crystals of uric acid, accumulated in the joints throughout the body. They usually build up far away from the body, where the blood is not circulating so strong. Most of the blood is filtered but some residues still remain, accumulating and causing gout. Patients suffering from this condition usually experience the first flare on the big toe, but gout attack can actually happen anywhere in the body. The fact is – big toe is anatomically speaking furthest away from the heart and thus most likely place for the accumulation of uric acid and gout attack.

Gout patients are mainly focused on getting over the attack and prevention of any future problems gout may cause. Doctors are not able to cure their problem, but there are plenty of things that can be done to ease the problem and limit and shorten gout flare ups.

Gout Diet

Accumulation of uric acid crystals is usually caused by ingestion of purines. These are substances found in plant and animal proteins which have been identified as contributing factors to the development of gout. Different meat products contain plenty of purines, especially organ meat, such as the liver, heart or the kidneys or some other animal organs. Meat is also rich in purines but the amount of these substances depends on the cut.

Lentils and beans are vegetable sources of purines and they contain even more these substances that some cuts of meat. However, scientists are not sure if these plant purines affect the body in the same way as animal purines, leading to development of gout in susceptible people. Patients who suffer from gout usually avoid both of purine sources, just to be on the safe side.

Too much acid in the diet is also found to have negative effects, so avoiding acid food is another efficient way to prevent gout flare ups.

Remedies for Gout

Many doctors agree that combination of medications and home remedies is the best therapy option for people suffering from gout. Aspirin or some strong anti-inflammatory drugs are commonly prescribed medications. They are often used with some cherry juice, believed to be effective for gout. Saffron contains colchicine and thus can be very efficient against gout flare ups. Because of that, gout patients should eat more saffron rice or add a pinch of saffron to all their meals. Too much of this herb can have negative effects, so be careful with prescribed colchicine.

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