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The following text will talk about the fish therapy which can provide invigorating and intensive foot massage. This therapy is now very popular in Turkey, Japan, China and Europe, and it is becoming even more and more popular every day. The fish will make your skin look very beautiful once they are done with licking it. This may seem odd for a lot of people, but you would be surprised how much truth there is in this statement.

Fish Foot Therapy

Skin exfoliation is the prime benefit associated with the fish foot therapy. By placing your feet in the warm pool, your soaked feet sill be swarmed by the little fish just removing the dead skin from your legs. The fish used during this therapy are the Garra rufa and they come from the Kangal, Sivas and some of the towns in Turkey. The nutrients will not survive due to the presence of a warm water, so the scaly and dead skin removed by the fish will help the healthy, smooth and soft skin to appear.

Eczema and Fish Therapy

Psoriasis is one of the conditions that have been treated with the fish therapy in the past. The eczema healing can be aided by a hormone called dithranol and the fish used during the fish therapy can stimulate the release of this hormone by their nibbling. Eczema is just one of the conditions that can be treated with fish therapy, but others include dermatitis, psoriasis and other itchy skin conditions. The fish therapy is done before breakfast and it lasts 21 days. During these days, you will have to keep your feet soaked for eight hours every day. Also, during this period, you should drink on an empty stomach no less than 3 glasses of water every day. Use of medications has to be prohibited as well.


The skin will become healthier due to the fish therapy and this can be easily visible. The rough, damaged and dry skin will be removed and the new and healthy skin will appear. In the beginning, the nibbling may cause certain "funny felling", but after some time it may become a pleasant experience. The therapy provides deep cleanse and removal of the dirt. The skin will become healthy and smooth and it will return its natural glow. The blood circulation will also be improved and the face skin will be smoother and healthier as well.

The removal of the dead skin by the fish is an enjoyable and therapeutic experience, and it is one of the best ways you can relax your skin. The sensations experienced during this therapy will stimulate the nervous system, they will make you more relaxed and eliminate the tiredness. Since this is a natural treatment, you cannot feel any side effects. The damaged skin can be cured in many ways, but this one is considered to be the best.

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