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We use our fingers and hands many times during the day. Thus, in the long run, we are bound to experience pain or numbness in the fingers at some point of our lives. This happens due to excessive use since there are many nerves in hands which may be pressured, triggering the numbness and the pain.

Alternatively, one may feel the pins and needles sensation in his/her fingers or a burning feeling around the thumb, index finger, middle finger and the half of the ring finger. In the long run, the strength of our grasp may noticeably decrease, especially when it comes to thumb performance. All these things happen due to the “wear and tear” processes which take place throughout our lifetime. However, there are many conditions which can be responsible for finger pain and numbness as well.

Reasons behind Finger Pain and Numbness

Speaking of major causes of this problem, we can narrow our list of culprits to two. The first one is RSI or, the repetitive stress injury and the second one is CTS or, the carpal tunnel syndrome. The former one stands for the effect of many previous years of usage of our hands. Basically, the soft tissue between our bones and tendons wears off, resulting in swelling and inflammation which can later trigger pain and numbness in the fingers. The latter cause, however, manifests due to repetitive, irritating stress on the finger nerves, leading to the swelling in the cartilage area, the fascia tissue and the tendon sheaths. Subsequently, we experience numbness and joint pain, along with the loss of the precision regarding our motor functions, pain in our wrists and many other problems affecting the area. The pain may become so fierce that it prevents one from sleeping continually, making matters worse.

Alternatively, bone tumors, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, sprains, direct injuries, blood circulation issues and many other health problems may affect the area, resulting in finger numbness and pain.

Possible Treatments of Finger Numbness and Pain

Usually, the pain resides, along with the numbness, once we allow our hands resting and recuperation. Alternatively, we can shake our hands and clench our fists several times, to get the blood flowing through the area, ending the pain and the numbness. Painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication can help as well.

Yet, if all this proves to be inefficient, you are highly advised to seek medical attention as soon as possible, since you might need surgical treatment or some other type of professional help.

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