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Wrist pain as the result of too much typing on keyboard can be vicious. It become so common that has got the name "carpal tunnel syndrome" which represents the crushed nerves, failing muscles and burning skin (paresthesias). Although, if something is bothering you, the normal thing is to see the doctor, there is some cases when it is not necessary to do so. So when your wrist is in pain you can do the following stuff.

Limiting Extensive Wrist Activity
Sometimes is really hard to stop working or playing on the computer. But sometimes is the best way to prevent or even stop the pain if , it occurs to do just that, and to make breaks if you are going to spend much time with your keyboard.
If however, carpal tunnel syndrome attack your wrist, and pain starts, you should consider to do the following. You should loose up the wrist, arm and fingers, then you should stretch, bend and move around with them, which will do the nerves and muscles to do it so. Before working something with your wrists or you are going to do much typing it is recommended to workout your wrists.
Heat and Ice
Although, both heat and ice, are the extremes when we speaks of temperature, both of them are cures for carpal tunnel syndrome. Because of ours individuality we may apply both heat or ice, whichever do us good. Choice to refer heating pad or bag of ice we offer to you, whatever you like best.

Shortage of vitamin B is cause of carpal tunnel syndrome. Therefor eating stuff rich with vitamin B can do good thing to cure carpal tunnel syndrome and makes the pain go away. But carefulness is important ,because overdosing ourselves with vitamin B can cause weakness and headaches and makes situation with carpal tunnel syndrome even worse. Balance with vitamin B is the best way to for normal activity. Of course there is always ibuprofen which not only stops the pain, and manage headache, it can also deal with inflammation as well.

In addition exists a wrist splint. One can bye it without a recipe and wrist splint can be very important as a meaning for stopping the pain. It is recommended not to wear it by day, when your wrist have to move, because it can do more damage then worth. But when body is resting and healing, during the night, it is strongly endorsed to wear wrist splint. Very important is the immobility of the wrist when it is supposed to be still, and can furthermore prevent to hurt your wrist accidentally.

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