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Carpal tunnel syndrome is quite a common condition, mostly affecting people who perform repetitive actions with their hands, overstraining them and compressing the median nerve located in the wrist area.

If you have been diagnosed with this condition, the following lines will provide you with all the information you need regarding its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment through physical therapy.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Facts

The main symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are pain and paresthesia. However, the main causes of carpal tunnel syndrome are yet to be discovered, even though many experts claim that typing excessively is the culprit, making people who work on the computer a lot the most susceptible group.

Carpal tunnel syndrome starts manifesting through numbness in the thumb, index and long and radial half of the ring finger. This numbness usually appears during bedtime, due to the fact that many individuals flex their wrists while they are sleeping.

The main forms of treatment for this condition involve wearing a specially designed wrist splint which prevents this flexion from taking place. Treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome is recommended as soon as possible because, in the long run, this condition can evolve into muscle atrophy and many other problems.

In some situations, treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome involves administering corticosteroids as well. Alternatively, some approaches to solution of this health problem involve cutting the transverse carpal ligament.

Carpal tunnel syndrome often gets misdiagnosed and mistaken for some other health problems. Therefore, in order to rule out any occurrences such as these, during the diagnosis of this condition, the patients get exposed to electrodiagnostic testing and electromyography. Such tests are capable of providing the health experts the exact information regarding the level of compression of the median nerve. On the other hand, methods of diagnosis such as MRI or ultrasound imaging have not been proven useful enough yet.

Physical Therapy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Physical therapy for carpal tunnel syndrome consists of various different exercises which usually involve stretching and massages combined with resting and recuperation. It is very important to follow your therapist’s instructions carefully. This way, you will be capable of restoring the former functions of the affected hands. Taking into consideration that our hands perform almost all of our daily actions, giving our best to avoid injuries which affect them is a must.

Bear in mind that the treatment for this condition is a long one, demanding your cooperation and care every day. The path towards recovery may be extremely painful, even debilitating, but you are best to stay motivated and resilient. Moreover, most people who manage to restore their sensations and mobility of the affected hand face a relapse of symptoms once they return to their regular, daily activities.

Fortunately, a new type of therapy has emerged, showing excellent treatment results and remarkable effectiveness. In fact, this form of therapy has been proven effective in over 97% of cases, resulting in a faster recovery from most of the carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms.

Namely, instead of pressing the already inflamed nerve against the hard splint, the Carpal Solution Therapy applies special types of stretching of the soft tissue in the hand and palm area, boosting the blood circulation in this part of the body, promoting healing and recovery.

The Carpal Solution Therapy makes it possible for a person to exercise the affected body part, even during sleep, performing the whole process passively, when the hand is completely relaxed. This therapy can be carried out in the privacy and comfort of the patient’s home, helping people save money they would otherwise spend on the treatment and the traveling expenses. Note that, during regular therapy, people need to undergo treatments up to 3 times a week, paying their therapists a visit to their health facility. However, through this therapy, even people who are otherwise quite busy, all can manage to find a solution to their carpal tunnel syndrome.

This therapy is natural and leads to no side effects, leading to a complete recovery during a course of 6 weeks. The whole effectiveness of this therapy lies behind the fact that it applies constant stretching of the area for about 30 minutes, several times a week.

If you desire to learn more about this renowned therapy read about the personal experiences that former sufferers have faced before and after the remarkable Carpal Solution Therapy.

All in all, physical therapy for the carpal tunnel syndrome does exist. Most approaches are quite expensive or require significant amounts of your time. However, the Carpal Solution Therapy is effective in 97% of cases, helping people overcome this possibly debilitating condition. Therefore, this form of therapy is considered to be the best one for this health problem and you are more than advised to do additional research on it and give it a try. According to numerous people who have found treatment in the Carpal Solution Therapy, you will not regret it.

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