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When a couple has been trying to conceive for a long period of time without success, it may be time to face the fact that reproductive assistance may be needed. It is recommended that a couple trying for more than one year and having no luck becoming pregnant, should consult with a primary care physician and seek a fertility specialist referral. When trying to get pregnant, it is even normal for some couples to wonder with fertility doctors, who is better female or male fertility doctor?

The answer is that whichever gender is chosen is a personal choice and the individual or couple should select the physician they are most comfortable with. Any fertility doctor should strive to put the couple at ease about assisted reproduction and answer any questions and address each concern presented. Having the right fertility specialist is the best way possible for a couple to embrace fertility treatment and makes the whole experience much more rewarding. To answer the fertility doctors, who is better male or female fertility doctor, the couple needs to do some preliminary research and find the one best suited to handle their particular type of fertility problem.

Some specialists handle IVF procedures, some deal with preserving the fertility of cancer patients, some specialize in male factor infertility and others are expert at assisting in ICSI, ovarian or fallopian tube related fertility problems. It is possible that a woman may still be able to use her gynecologist/obstetrician, but only if the individual has training in the reproductive assistance field. It is crucial and important for a couple to become educated about fertility specialists, in order to find the right one that can come up with a plan of action that will work and be sensitive enough to help a couple through rocky, rough times. A couple should feel as if the fertility doctor chosen is an ally in the effort to helping them conceive a baby. The issue of infertility is personal and intimate and a couple should choose a fertility specialist that will listen and engage them, answers questions and treats them with dignity and respect, which will make the whole process as comfortable as possible.

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