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For an infertile couple, there are several different options available when trying to conceive a baby. Some people need medical intervention, fertility specialists or possibly assistance in order to conceive an infant.

One of the most common fertility drugs prescribed for treating female infertility is Femara, but the medication is also used to treat breast cancer in women.

Infertility treatment Femara side effects are something that should be considered by each couple before deciding whether or not to take the drug. All medications have the propensity to produce side effects, but for couples trying to conceive a baby these things are all worth it if success is achieved.

The most commonly experienced side effects of Femara include the following:

Leg or arm pain Back pain Breast pain or tenderness Constipation Diarrhea Cough Dizziness Headaches Hot flashes Profuse sweating Flushing Indigestion Night sweats Vomiting Nausea Edema (swelling) Weight gain or loss Sleeplessness Stomach pain Allergic reaction (hives, swollen tongue, trouble breathing, chest tightness, facial swelling or hoarseness) Chest pain Confusion Painful or increased urination Numbness of the extremities Unexplainable vaginal bleeding or discharge Vision or speech changes

Infertility treatment Femara side effects are not enough to deter most couples from trying the drug, but the side effects can be difficult to handle. In case of any serious side effects, a person is advised to seek immediate medical treatment without delay in order to avoid worsening of the situation. When Femara is used as part of infertility treatment, the woman needs to be well aware of the different side effects in order to be safe. Femara is not a drug that should ever be taken without the advice of a fertility specialist and never taken by someone other than the individual it has been prescribed for.

A woman should never take Femara in larger doses or for longer than prescribed and the drug should never be taken during pregnancy. With the help of a fertility specialist the dreams of trying to conceive can actually come true. Femara is one of the most commonly prescribed fertility medications used to treat ovulation related fertility impairment in women. Through consulting with a fertility specialist and taking the drug exactly as prescribed, a couple can finally experience the joys of a healthy conception and soon welcome their own baby into the world.

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