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For couples that have been trying to conceive for a very long time, the diagnosis of infertility can be very devastating. No couples want to hear that their chances of conceiving a baby of their own are nearly impossible, or that in order to become parents they must be willing to use fertility assistance. The dream of parenthood for some couples requires the intervention of a fertility specialist and everything is turned over to the hands of modern science, but it does not mean people should ever give up hope. If a woman has been trying to become pregnant for a long period of time, she may be asking herself a series of questions and might even harbor feelings of personal failure.

There are many different questions or emotions a couple will go through when trying to conceive and some women could even be asking themselves the question, why can't I get pregnant? The issues surrounding fertility impairment can be serious and are something that a couple should address with a specialist in order to determine what the source of the problem might be. It could be that a woman is unhealthy, needs to lose weight, stop drinking alcohol, or needs to gain weight, stop smoking or a variety of other issues. For a man it could mean dietary and lifestyle changes, medical intervention could be necessary or a series of different factors which could be influencing fertility impairment.

The various reasons behind why a couple cannot conceive or become pregnant could be simple or complex, but is something that needs to be addressed by a fertility specialist at some point, if the couple are not able to conceive naturally. A couple that has been trying to conceive for more than six months or a year might consider every option, but consulting with a fertility specialist can be a difficult reality to accept. A couple might be having serious fertility issues and seeing a specialist can seem to some like admitting defeat. Instead of looking at it like a negative situation, a couple should view seeing a specialist as a positive step and keep an open mind. When a woman is asking herself, why can't I get pregnant, the answer can become clear only when the fertility obstacles have been removed and with professional help the dream of motherhood can finally come true.

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