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Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is a highly effective treatment for males experiencing infertility issues. The acronym is ICSI, which is a scientific way of explaining the medical procedure in which a physician will inject sperm directly into the egg. The treatment is very effective at fertilizing eggs in an IVF laboratory and is an option for couples trying to conceive. For someone that has no experience the person could be wondering what is ICSI IVF male infertility treatment?

The procedure involves removing eggs from the body of the female and using special tools and equipment under the expertise of an embryologist who will select and secure individual sperm using an ICSI needle. The needle is then placed through the outer shell of the egg and through the membrane of the egg; the sperm are directly injected into the cytoplasm (inner portion) of the ovum. For couples trying to conceive, ICSI IVF yields an approximate 75-85% success rate over standard IVF. There are no couples that could be precluded from trying ICSI IVF, some infertility specialists will only use it in cases of severe male infertility however, while some use it in more cases than not.

There are some reasons why a couple trying to have a baby may want to use ICSI IVF:

Severe male infertility Impaired sperm motility Do not want to use donor sperm Low sperm concentration Low egg yield from the woman Have already tried traditional IVF with no success

For more information about what is ICSI IVF male infertility treatment, a couple should not only read about the topic, but should also ask their fertility specialist for more information as well. Fertilization rates for couples trying to conceive using ICSI IVF are about 70-80% higher than with other methods, which means the procedure works well in certain cases. For a couple desiring to have a baby and are experiencing difficulty getting pregnant, ICSI IVF offers new reason to hope. When considering all the recent advancements in the world of reproductive medicine, this is yet another option for infertile couples which can bring them the baby of their dreams.

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