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If you think that trying to conceive is about nothing more than having intercourse at the right time during the month, you could be wrong, and you could be losing out. Fertility both male and female is affected by a range of lifestyle and diet choices. Sometimes, eating the right foods, which can boost your fertility, makes all the difference. What are some of the foods that increase your odds of getting pregnant? Let's take a look.

1) Fresh fruits and veg. These are good for you in many more ways then we could possibly describe here. Many vegetables contain folate, the natural version of folic acid which is recommended by all doctors for women trying to conceive. Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants come as a nice bonus. Fresh fruit and vegetables should probably form the backbone of any healthy diet.

2) Protein from plants. Not all protein was created equally research has shown that protein that comes from plant sources boosts fertility, while meat protein does not. Vegetables like beans (which are a great source of iron too), lentils, chickpeas and green peas are great foods when you are trying to get pregnant.

3) Dairy products. Did you know that women who consume full-fat dairy products like (obviously full-fat) cheese, milk, butter and ice cream are less likely to encounter problems with their ovulation? This is really an excellent excuse to get that Ben & Jerry's out! Of course, I don't need to mention that dairy products are full of calcium too, and that is also good for your fertility.

4) Foods containing Omega 3 fatty acids. A lack of Omega 3 fatty acids is linked to an increase in infertility for both sexes. This stuff is so potent that it can even, according to studies published this year, prevent fertility problems as serious as endometriosis. Where can you find it? In Fish like salmon and sardines, in many nuts, and in avocados. Already pregnant? Check out the best foods for the first trimester!

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