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No need for unpleasantness

Although this issuedoes not fall into the category of those that a person in question needs tofeel awkward about, and even extremely ashamed of, a great number of women,nonetheless, does feel pangs of uneasiness and do so quite often and to a greatextent. One known fact is that, as much as ten million people in America (themajority of which is comprised of women) are having a rather hard time inbringing their bladder under proper control. But it is often not enough forthose people, more specifically women, to seek a medical help in relieving andlearning the techniques that will enable them to take the entire matter intotheir own hands.

Problems revealed

Those most frequentbladder related issues include such as overactive bladder syndrome, leakingurine and urinary incontinence. And there may lie at the basis of theseconditions numerous reasons for their occurrence, some of which are direct sideeffects of childbirth, as well as natural aging process. But thanks to thediscovery of certain techniques and methods, in the area of gynecology andurology, the number of women benefiting directly from this is quite large, tosay the least.

Most frequently occurringproblems

Urine leakage. The greatest numberof women falls under the influence of incontinence at one point in theirlives. To make things even harder for women, the urine leakage occurs even when they are doing their physical exercises, coughing, sneezing and alsolaughing hard. Those having most problems are the pregnant women and thosewomen who had reached the menopause.Urge incontinence is a specific type ofincontinence, which is induced by an extremely forceful and unexpected urge tourinate. Given the fact that this particular type occurs as a directconsequence of the inability to keep everything in control, it can be provoked andinitiated by diabetes induced damage of the nerves, various infections, strokeand numerous other similar conditions and illnesses.Mixed incontinence refers to thecombination of the above mentioned urge incontinence and intense stress. Alsothe occurrence of an unexpected and uncontrollable urge to urinate can also bepossible.Functionalincontinence is a particular typeof incontinence that occurs as a direct consequence of movement/mobility relatedissues and difficulties.Overactive bladder is a condition that involves extremely frequent urination, i.e. eight or even more visits tothe toilette.

Most common causes of these problems include such as nerve disease, stroke, diabetes and multiple sclerosis, as wellas Parkinson’s disease, aging, various illnesses, and injuries.


When it comes to thetreatment, proven to be the most effective techniques are such as pelvic musclerehabilitation, regular physical exercising, biofeedback, vaginal weighttraining, pelvic floor electrical stimulation and various behavioral therapies.

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