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Bladder problems fall into the category of those most embarrassing ones, and the main problem is that in most cases a person is not able to control the urges of the bladder in time, and thus gets into a rather awkward situation, especially when in a crowd or a crowded place. Maybe this comes as a surprise for many, but the number of people who actually suffer from bladder-related problems and disorders is massive, and for such people, coping with this condition is a day to day struggle. But because people are aware to what extent this condition can impair their everyday normal functioning, most are determined to keep up with their usual daily routines and activities, and not succumb to this.


One of the numerous ways of treating this disorder with success is also by the means of a bladder suspension surgical procedure. However this is mostly intended for those who have real trouble and are unable to find any other effective solution, while for the rest, there are actually numerous less needy ways to defeat this problem. Presently, the most relieving is considered to be the use of undergarments, which provides a non-stop protection from any unwanted “leakage” down below. Besides being an extremely good helper, what makes this garment desirable is also the fact that they are of extremely good adaptive nature, when it comes to getting along with our physionomy. Therefore, if you do experience problems with incontinence, this is probably one of the best solutions yet.


One of the culprits causing the occurrence of this condition is stress, and thus the name of one type of this condition, stress incontinence. This stress related bladder disorder appears once the bladder (especially if an older woman is in question) is put under a lot of pressure, which directly results in external outburst of urine. One possible explanation is that, in these moments, the bladder muscles have given up under the pressure and thus made it possible for urine to flow freely and suddenly out of the bladder, while another explanation would be that the canal-tube, which is responsible for conducting the urine outside our body, has decreased in size due to too much pressure.

If one is looking for the easiest way out of this problem, then a rather quick and not that costly solution is the use of mail-order supplies, which are similar in appearance as the underwear men and women usually wear. Therefore, there is no need for concern that in this way your secret would be easily discovered. Another way would be the bladder suspension surgical procedure, which has proven to have aided many people suffering from this disorder, but one should accept this option once all the remedies, medications and other solutions have failed. Before undergoing such a surgery, a person should start with other techniques and methods for effective bladder control, such as a healthy diet and lots of exercise and physical activity. Concentrate particularly on those activities which effectively strengthen your muscle groups.

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