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Whenever one experiences body temperature which is higher than normal, it directly indicates the presence of some infection or disease in the body. High body temperature or fever is a symptom which is among the most frequently reported conditions and it is usually accompanied by chills, trembling, increased heart rate and general body weakness. What will be the treatment for fever depends on what induced it.

Low grade fever in adults

While 98.6 degrees F is the normal body temperature in a healthy person, low grade fever is considered to range from 100 to 103 degrees F. Some experts claim that the body’s immune system fights the microbes when the body’s temperature is a little bit higher than the normal one, while on the other side, there are those who claim that the body’s temperature is raised when the immune system rapidly release the white blood cells to fight the invaders.

Causes of low grade fever in adults

Low grade fever is a symptom of many underlying medical conditions and it should not be ignored since it always indicates some present disorder in the body.

The adults who are allergic to various things, especially those who suffer from pollen allergy, are prone to experience fever as a body’s response to the allergens. Low grade fever in adults also occurs due to some bacterial infection in the body, such as bronchitis, pneumonia and sinusitis, for example. Viral infections like common cold and the flu, as well as the viral diseases like HIV/AIDS and hepatitis, can also induce low grade fever in the adults. Apart from the bacteria and viruses, various strains of fungi may also be culprits for the occurrence of the fungal infections and subsequent rising of the body’s temperature. When an adult has a constant low grade fever which does not go away, it may be a symptom of the bacterial lung infection called tuberculosis, which may considerably impair the functioning of the lungs. Urinary tract infection, as well as pelvic inflammatory disease in women, may lead to the incidence of low grade body temperature in the patients and these two medical conditions should be treated the moment they are diagnosed.

Other medical conditions that may induce low grade fever are appendicitis and some types of cancer like lymphoma. Furthermore, certain medicines may also cause this condition as a side effect, but the fever will be cured once the patient stops taking the drug he/she consumes.

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