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Natural childbirth has been a practice of bringing babies into this world as long as there is humankind, but in this modern world, a woman has an opportunity to choose how she wants to deliver a baby. There are many advantages of the natural childbirth and we will explore them in order to familiarize women with it. Natural childbirth is conducted without any medications and interventions. If a woman decides on a natural childbirth, she needs some support. First a mother chooses people whom she would like to be with at the labor, people that are kind to her. If she likes candles, music or some other external stimulus, then one should arrange that for her. Things that can be used in natural child birth are birthing ball, water birth, essential oils, massage etc. A person who holds a baby when she comes out should be a midwife or an obstetrician. Apart from them members of the family can also be present at the delivery.

The biggest advantage that natural childbirth carries along is an emotional advantage. Experience of childbirth is a strong and stressful experience. Pain binds mother and baby during a delivery in a connection that last for the rest of the life. According to some studies, a mother that has been on medications that ease the pain has difficulty in bonding with the baby immediately after the labor. Women find this very stressful and suffer a lot after the delivery. There are also advantages in avoiding the induction of labors and one of them is movement freedom. The downfall of labor induction is that it limits movements. On the other hand, movement is very important factor in pain relief, and it has been proved that it can speed up the labor itself. Experienced women, who have had a normal and induced childbirth says that there is less pain in normal than in an induced childbirth. There is also a great possibility that induced childbirth will end in Cesarean birth.

A baby has great benefits from a natural childbirth, and in that way, a baby avoids possible complications. Regular pain medications don’t usually help with pain reduction in natural childbirth. Then, mother asks for narcotics that the medicine is now in the system of both, a mother and a baby, and it has not been proven how safe for the baby it is. Avoiding drugs and medicines helps a mother to experience the labor completely and a newborn to cry from the beginning. If a mother and a baby are under some medications, they may feel drowsy and groggy. When mother’s body and system are clean from medications, she is prepared immediately for breastfeeding.

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