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Massages are usually connected with satisfying and enjoyable activity. Massages has become a routine for modern men and women as a way to relax and relieve the stress from work. But when we talk about baby massage, the effects are enjoyable and help the development. In countries such as India these massages are very popular. There are numerous reasons for practicing this kind of massages between parents and newborns. Using them will relax the nervous system and help with digestion and breathing, which will make the baby sleep peacefully. It also removes the effects of constipation and colic, but advantages of these massages are not only physical but also emotional. They create a loving relationship with their parents so babies feel safe, respected and, most importantly, loved. This bond positively affects the parents, too. They will feel closer to their child, be more aware of the growth and needs of their baby, relieve the stress of handling the baby, and even feel more calmed and rested. There are many ways and strokes to help your baby. Resting hands will help the baby to fall asleep, which is always a problem for parents. In this situation, you need to use this technique or hold your baby. For the digestion a technique called “I love you” is very effective. A parent has to stroke the baby\'s belly as writing letter I then L and at the end the clockwise U. This will certainly help the babies with slow digestion. Strokes proved effective in aiding teething, congestion and colic for which Colic Relief Routine can be used.

As we have already mentioned a strong bond is created between the parents and the baby by using massages. Several researchers have stated that this bond is extremely important for the baby and especially for the future development. Results show that early bond helps the development and vice versa. This bond depends on elements such as smell, vocalization, facial expressions, eye contact, and skin contact as the most important. These are critical elements for the bond according the IAIM, a massage program for infants. Talking and singing in a known environment for baby will also help the creation and firming of the bond. Parents know that touch and holding the baby relaxes them but it also releases the cuddle hormone called oxytocin. This hormone doesn\'t involve only the baby since it normalizes the blood pressure and clams down the parent. Massages are even important for the nervous system. Every nerve in our body has a coating and this coating continues to be formed even after the birth. This coating helps the brain with sending impulses throughout the body. This process of coating can be faster by using massages. Massages have positive effect on premature babies because they can repel the diseases and help the parents to discover an illness very early. Massages can help your with asthma, skin disorders, diabetes and even help the baby to become a very calm and amicable adult.

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