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Fat Is Not the Enemy

Every single diet plan today, or, atleast, a vast majority of these, tell you how any kind of fat is badfor your organism since it causes you to be overweight. Thus, you aretaught to avoid fat completely or eat food which has minimal fatvalue.

However, this is bad, since not everyfat is bad for your body. Take a look around you. Several decadesago, people ate far more fat than today, through their regularnutrition. That means that, today, we are bound to see certainchanges for the better. Yet, people still have heart attacks, manyare obese and there are more individuals with cancer than everbefore.

Also, Japan is a country where peopleare eating quite a lot of fatty food. In addition to that, a vastmajority of people smokes on a daily basis. Still, they have thelowest mortality rates in the world. All this leads us to thequestion of where the logic behind this is.

Science and Facts about Fat

Researches have shown that tribalcommunities around the world, eat far more fat than we do in modernsocieties. Still, they rarely suffer from heart attacks, while inWestern countries, this is one of the major killer diseases.

Amazingly, mother's milk is 50% puresaturated fat. Therefore, saturated fats are not bad for us - theseare meant to be a part of our nutrition. On the other hand, heated,unsaturated fats, or trans fats, as they are often referred to, arethe problem.

That being said, you are best toconsume fat from coconut and palm oil, butter or other saturated fatsources. As for unsaturated fat, choose only stable sources of it,such as olive oil. Vegetable oils are to be avoided, especially when heated.

Why Are Some Fats Bad and How To AvoidThem?

When you grab the mass on your waist,know that this is not just fat. Rather, this mass consists of threechains of fat attached to a molecule of carbohydrates. Our organismcreates this fat from proteins and carbohydrates as well.

Basically, the fat we have in ourorganisms should have balanced levels of omega3 and omega6 fattyacids. Unfortunately, the levels of the former are usually lower,leading to health problems.

Also, unheated cholesterol is verybeneficial for our cardiovascular health.

So, eat safe, saturated fats and skipthose which are unsaturated or heated. Also, make sure you eathealthy types of food, concentrating on your nutritional needs,combining your intake with your physical activity.

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