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Fast metabolism

This article will deal with the phenomenon of overly fast rate of the metabolism that some people experience. These are people who often have difficulties putting on weight, despite their efforts to do so. Many people have troubles losing pounds, whereas others try to gain a few pounds and fail. The latter are somewhat left on the margin and there is much less info on how to put on weight than on how to lose it.

People who have very or extremely high metabolisms usually cannot put on weight since they digest everything they consume before it has the chance to get accumulated in the body. This fast metabolism is sometimes a good thing, since it prevents one from gaining harmful excessive weight. On the other hand, it can be bothersome, because some people are too skinny and need to gain some weight and they are not able to.

Reasons why some people have fast metabolisms

Usually the reason behind having a very high rate of metabolism is genetics. People who claim their metabolisms are very fast usually belong to the body type called ectomorphic. Unlike other people, these people are usually thin or very thin and sometimes not so athletic. They most typically belong to a specific body build, characterized by having narrow shoulders and being thin, either short or tall. In some cases, this kind of metabolism is caused by some medical disorder such as hyperthyroidism, which is characterized by symptoms such as easy losing of pounds, somewhat quicker heart rate than normal and skittishness. In such cases it is important to have one’s thyroid checked.

Apart from overactive thyroid gland, some people’s metabolisms seem to operate really fast owing to the fact that they smoke, or that they are exposed to stress. In case one is influenced by the aforementioned factors and seek to put on weight, they need to drop smoking and invest effort in reducing the level of stress in their lives. Again, if these steps do not work, then perhaps the genetic makeup that causes such fast metabolism cannot be overridden.

Slowing down one’s metabolism

People who have very fast metabolisms and who seek to put on weight nevertheless will wonder what it is that they can do to decrease the rate of their metabolism. One of the crucial things is planning the food one takes in. It is important to consume foodstuffs that slow down the rate of metabolism, such as different kinds of sugar, different processed nourishment and regular bread. Also, eat often fried food, since the saturated fats are the ones that will help reduce the rate of your metabolism.

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