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Living healthy today is easy and for most of the part, itmight be the cheapest solution. A healthy life does require a healthy body,which needs healthy meals and increased the physical activity. Exercising couple oftimes in a week is great for burning calories and for strengthening the musclesthat make us able to perform more activities during a day. It also enhances theimmune system. The best thing would be to perform exercises each and every day, but that is sometimes not possible thanks to usually very tight daily scheduleswe all have.

Eating and health

Eating properly is the next thing that has to be done for beingable to say that one lives healthy. Eating healthy needs 5 meals a day, at least.Having the organism (especially the stomach and the intestinal system) always active isimportant for the basal metabolism and it is much easier for the body to processnumerous small meals than just a few big ones. The other problem with meals isthe amount of food taken. It has to be proper and it should not put a lot of burden onstomach. Partially, this can be regulated with the help of water. Drinkingwater before the meal will fill the stomach to a certain level and that makesus eating less.

Eating healthy means that all the basic nutrients have to beinserted in a day in the needed amounts. This is important because certainprocesses in the organism start with the change of the amount of nutrientstaken. Also, vitamins and minerals have to be eaten each day, in the freshestform possible. Vitamins and minerals are needed for maintaining certainprocesses in the basal metabolism. With this said, it is obvious that vegetablesand fruits are very important parts of a healthy meal. For example, carrot is agreat vegetable that contains many substances with a positive effect.


Vitamins in carrots include vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E,vitamin B6, vitamin K, Thiamin, Riboflavine, Niacin, Folate and some others. Itis obvious that this is one of the veggies with a very rich structure that hasmany positive effects for the human organism. But, this goes for the rawcarrot. Boiled carrot or carrot prepared in any other way loses some of itsefficacy. The good thing is that you can eat raw carrot without any problem, allthat is necessary is just peeling of the surface layer to remove some dirt andone of the best vitamin cocktails is served.

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