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Kidney infection is a serious health condition and that is why it is of high importance to diagnose it at an early stage. There are some common signs of a kidney infection and we will name them in this text. As it is the case with many infections, the kidney infection is also caused by bacteria. This infection belongs to a urinary tract infection type and it reaches the kidney by traveling through urethra, and then bladder. People usually believe that urinary tract infection in men doesn’t happen because of the length of the urethra, but this is a disbelief, as the urinary tract infections occur equally in men and women.

Symptoms of Kidney Infection in Men

The first symptoms that can indicate that something is happening in your kidney is pain and difficulty urinating. Other symptoms that can appear as well include painful urination, strong sense that you have to urinate immediately occurring very often, blood in urine, a strong, foul urine smell, pain in groins and lower abdomen, feeling of light headedness, sweating during night, chills, and overall feeling of tiredness. A severe pain that originates from one side of abdomen and ends at the other side is usually a symptom of a strong infection in men and women. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you should immediately visit a doctor so that you could avoid some more severe consequences on time.

Treatment of Kidney Infection in Men

Diagnosis for a kidney infection requires some tests and the most usual ones are X-ray, MRI, blood and urine tests. In most cases, antibiotics will be prescribed because we are dealing with the infection caused by bacteria. If the bacteria are immune to antibiotics, then heavier antibiotics are used. This infection is usually followed by body dehydration and that is why most doctors prescribe intravenous fluids. There are some advice that can be followed as a precaution measure. Cleanliness and hygiene are very important if you want to avoid kidney infections in the future. If your partner is undergoing a treatment because of some kidney infection, sexual intercourse should be avoided at that time, and if someone has kidney infection he/she should do a search for kidney stones, as there is a close connection between these two.

Finally, one should know how to recognize a kidney infection at an early stage, so that s/he can treat it immediately. If treated in an early stage, the possibility for a successful treatment is high.

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