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Women are known to be more susceptible to bacterial infections due to their anatomy. However, recently, with the modern senseless commodity of indulging into numerous sexual intercourses with different partners, usually without wearing protection, men have become equally affected by bacterial infections. In fact, they are even more prone to having these microorganisms causing them health problems such as syphilis and gonorrhea. Nevertheless, there are many other types of bacterial infections which can affect men, causing diseases.

Signs of Bacterial Infections

If a man is healthy, he can usually battle the infection of this type with nothing more but the strength of his body and his immune system. Moreover, sexually transmitted diseases take time to show symptoms which are usually mild and do not require medical assistance. Yet, if a bacterium affects the throat or the urinary tract, it can lead to numerous negative signs appearing over a short timespan.

Sexually Transmitted Bacterial Diseases Affecting Men

More than 25 different diseases may be transferred via contact with an infected vagina, or through oral and anal sex. However, only three of all these diseases are of bacterial origin, being curable.

As it way mentioned above, syphilis is the most common bacterial STD, affecting both sexes and leading to a growth of bumps on the surface and the inside of sex organs. Also, syphilis can appear in the mouth. The wounds which signify this condition appear months after the causing sexual intercourse took place. As for the symptoms of this infection, swollen lymph nodes are the most common sign, since the growths usually cause no pain or irritation, disappearing in a matter of weeks.

Gonorrhea and Chlamydia

Gonorrhea is next, being a bacterial infection affecting the rectum, sex organs, throat and urethra, leading to severe pain during urination, accompanied with pus discharge. If the bacteria reach the rectum, these microorganisms lead to itchiness and bowel movement pain. When left neglected, gonorrhea is likely to spread on other organs and potentially lead to male infertility.

Another bacterial infection which affects the genital tract is chlamydia, appearing due to unprotected sex in most cases. Pain in the testicles and during urination are the main signs of this condition appearing up to 3 weeks after the intercourse. When neglected, this bacterium attacks the prostate leading to inflammation and infection.

UTI and Bacterial Infections

Urinary tract infection leads to itching during urination and can be caused by an enlarged prostate, kidney stones obstructing the urinary tract and lack of proper genital hygiene in the first place.

Finally, bacterial infections may find their way to the male tonsils, leading to pain and discomfort, especially during swallowing. All in all, numerous types of bacterial activity may lead to STDs or other health problems. Thus, it is very important to protect yourself during sex and react timely if you notice any of the above mentioned symptoms.

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