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Alarm or False Alarm?!

Many people start panicking once theynotice their thumb twitches often, fearing that they are sufferingfrom some kind of a terminal disease or something like that. However,we should not jump to conclusions since this can mean absolutelynothing. Namely, the muscles in our thumb are voluntary, meaning thatthey may twitch occasionally without any particular cause, like some of ourother muscles do. Nevertheless, this should not be ignored eithersince this twitching can truly be a sign for concern. All in all,stay relaxed and positive once you notice repetitive thumb twitchingand try to seek medical assistance ruling out any serious causes ofthis problem.

Causes of Frequent Thumb Twitching

One of the first things that cantrigger this kind of a problem are injuries. Thereby, you could havehurt your thumb at some point of life and it can be manifestedthrough the twitches. Additionally, through time and the wear andtear process, your thumb may have suffer some repetitive injuries,leading to the twitching. In this case, you are best to have thethumb examined by a neurologist. Some of the potential causes of yourproblem may be the carpal tunnel syndrome, complex regional painsyndrome or some other conditions, some more serious than the others.

You might also lack certain nutrients,or be in a bad physical shape, needing exercise. Usually, however,excessive drug abuse can lead to thumb twitching and it is consideredone of the main signs of it.

There are numerous tests your doctorperforms once you suffer from thumb twitches, since this conditionmay have many different causes. Thus, your blood, nerve conductionand other things may be checked. Also, an MRI scan may be performedas well as a spinal tap.

All in all, this twitching is not to beignored, especially if it remains persistent. Therefore, seekingthe medical attention in these cases is an absolute must, if you are toget treated successfully. Once the twitching occurs, take notice ofits frequency and see if there is a pattern to it. Also, make sureyou notice if the twitching happens in some other parts of your bodyalong with the thumb. All these things may be quite important toinform your doctor about and help him or her and yourself in diagnosing theunderlying problem. Still, do not forget that timely action iscrucial for your proper healing procedure.

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