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Even though exercises are considered good for health in general, people suffering from some diseases must first consult their doctors and then engage in a desirable physical activity. Even healthy individuals are due to undergo thorough physical examination if they, for instance, want to start practicing some high-intensity sports.

People suffering from heart conditions are a specific group of patients who may engage in physical activity but their participation and performance will depend on severity of the conditions they are suffering from as well as some other factors.

What are Exercise Regimes for Heart Disease Patients?

The most important thing is to bring the condition under control with adequate dietary regime and proper medicamentous treatment. Also it is not recommended to exercise if one has recently had a heart attack. The heart may need some time to regenerate and this is the reason why doctors decide when it is the most optimal time for one to start exercising. Furthermore, the doctor may chose to adjust treatment because of the introduced activity.

People suffering from heart conditions are most commonly recommended light activities such as walking, hiking etc. Heavy lifting, pushing heavy objects and similar strenuous activities are strictly forbidden. Even performing chores around the house may be too intensive for certain number of patients.

Swimming is another commonly recommended activity for such patients. Weight lifting is not an option, unless the patients has not already achieved some level of strength with other activities such as swimming or jogging.

Preparation for Exercises and Additional Advice

It is essential to prepare the body for exercises and never engage in exercises if symptoms of the condition suddenly occur or become worse.

Exercising must be balanced and between exercises one needs to have proper rest. Push-ups as well as sit-ups are not a good option for these patients.

People suffering from heart conditions are also due to pay attention to weather condition. Namely, it is well known fact that their illness tends to gets worse in case of certain weather conditions. So it is not recommended for them to exercise if weather is too cold, hot or even humid. All these may interfere in circulation, affect breathing and induce worsening of the symptoms.

While exercising the person also needs to be well hydrated. This means that he/she should drink sufficient amount of water.

After exercises are over, one may have a shower but never with cold water. Also, sauna baths are strictly forbidden. These extremes of temperatures may easily aggravate patient's general health.

Finally, if the person skips several exercise session, he/she should start with a reduced level of activity and slowly increase activity until he/she is back on track.

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