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After birth

Theproblem with pregnancy is that it inflates your abdomen drastically. After the pregnancy, the abdomen remainsin place and it takes a while for it to get back to its normal sizeand position. In the meanwhile, you will look, well, like you arecarrying a sack on your tummy. There is hardly a new mom who is proudof such a stomach, and here we will give you several quick steps thatwill help you to get your tummy back where it should be in no time.


Firstthing to do is to get the abdominal muscles back in shape and back intone, since they got really stretched and really relaxed duringpregnancy. In some cases, they might even become separated, like yourstomach had been unzipped.

Duringthe exercises, keep your legs and thighs relaxed, as it is easy toengage muscle groups that are there while performing these exercises,and not only abdominal muscles. If leg and thigh muscle groups arerelaxed, abdominal muscles must work more and will be back in shapesooner.

Wewill begin with the pelvic tilt. For this exercise, you should lieflat on your back. Begin by inhaling. Then, slowly roll your pelvisin the direction of your stomach and exhale simultaneously. Then,slowly roll the pelvis away from your stomach and inhalesimultaneously. Do ten repetitions of this exercise.

The nextexercise is known as heel slides. You should lie on back with yourknees bent. Extend your right leg completely and rest it on thefloor. The muscle above the right hip bone should be used for this.Now, contract the muscle so that your heel is dragged towards yourtorso and exhale. While you extend the heel, relax the tension in themuscles and inhale. Repeat this exercise ten times with your rightleg, and ten times with your left leg.

Thirdused exercise is known as knee lifts. Begin by laying on your backwith your knees bent. Inhale. Contract the muscle above your righthip as you lift the right leg and exhale simultaneously. Relax themuscle to lower your foot back to floor and inhale simultaneously.Repeat ten times for both legs.


A person needs nutrients to recover afterpregnancy and delivery and to produce milk, if you are breastfeedingthe baby. What you should do is to increase the amount of water thatyou drink, so that your kidneys can clean out the impurities andmetabolic waste from blood. If they are unable to do this, then theyredirect this function to the liver, which can break the impurities,but then it cannot burn fat, as it normally does. This way, you donot hamper normal fat loss. Also, keep your blood sugar level stableby eating something nutritious every two to three hours. Rememberthat it may take as long as nine months to recover completely, sodon't rush and don't lose hope.

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