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Sweating is a normal process that serves to cool the body and prevent the rise in body temperature, and it also removes toxins from the body, which is why people go to sauna. However, some people sweat excessively. In some, excessive sweating is a result of a medical condition, but in many people it is connected with anxiety and it can be difficult to overcome.

Anxiety and sweating

Sweating is often one of the physical symptoms of anxiety disorder and panic attacks. Other symptoms may include fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath, trembling hands, memory problems, and irritability.

The problem is, when sweating is associated with anxiety, it forms a cyclical process. Sweating, especially if disproportional, is not something people enjoy, and they try to overcome it in any possible way. For a person who is sweating a lot, that state is highly undesirable and feared, and when it occurs, it just raises the stress levels and causes even more sweating. This is particularly associated with social phobias.

Sweating is very often in people who have an anxiety disorder. Certain factors are believed to trigger it, most commonly fear, anger and nervousness.

Treating anxiety sweating

Nobody really knows why stress and anxiety trigger excessive sweating in some people more than in others. The question is, what to do about it? Obviously, regular antiperspirants and deodorants do not work, as this is not a condition caused by a physiological issue. The problem then needs to be approached psychologically.

If the problem is mild, it helps to learn different ways to cut down on the number of attacks and to prevent anxiety sweating completely. The problem can be approached holistically, by reducing the stress levels in a natural way, for example through meditation. relaxation techniques for anxiety reduce nervous tension and prevent the symptoms of anxiety attacks. Of course, one efficient way to prevent anxiety sweating is also to eliminate a stressful situation or to avoid it, but this is not always possible.

For moderate and severe anxiety sweating, a person suffering from should seek professional help. Psychotherapy, cognitive and behavioral therapies are quite effective against this problem, and they approach it from its fundamental level, thus treating the problem at its root.

There is also medication available for anxiety disorder, and combined with therapy, it has excellent results. This, of course, is something that should be discussed with a therapist or a doctor.

Anxiety disorders and sweating associated with anxiety, phobias, stress and other nervous states are absolutely treatable and the sooner they are dealt with, the sooner the person will be able to enjoy again his or her social and personal life.

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