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Delicate, Waxy Ears

Our ears are one of our most cherished organs, since they grant us a unique perspective of the world through hearing. Thus, we know that we are to keep them safe and protected at all times. However, excessive ear wax in our ears can cause problems from time to time. This is why we are used to removing this healthy discharge from our ears once it starts affecting our hearing or getting to the outer part of our ear. Many do not perform this “extraction” carefully enough and get hurt due to pushing various pointy objects into their ears. What is more, even when we use cotton swabs, which are overally accepted as the best solution for ear wax removal, we tend to use them wrongly, only pushing the wax further towards our eardrum, potentially causing problems. For all these reasons, and plenty more, there is room for improvement in this aspect of self-hygiene.

Remove Ear Wax Easily and Safely

One of the best options for cleaning your ears safely is by using ear drops. All you need to do is pour several drops in your troubled ears, shut them up with cotton plugs, wait for 30 minutes and wash the softened, liquid wax out. Even though this is a very effective method, if you happen to experience pain or you fail getting relief this way, seek medical assistance.

A great alternative lies in the Ototec Loop. This innovative device, formed as a loop, is a great way of getting rid of excessive ear wax. All you need to do is insert the loop part in your ear adequately, by following the instructions which come with the device and scrape the excessive wax off your ears without ever pushing it the opposite way.

When all else fails and you pay your doctor a visit, complaining about waxy ears, he/she may perform irrigation. This is a process during which the way in your ears is softened and removed by injecting warm water in your ear canal. This can be painful and cause a lot of discomfort. Therefore, it is best to be performed by a professional. Furthermore, if this doesn't work, you may need currete wax removal that involves an insertion of a ringed device which, through a painful process, deals with your excessive ear wax effectively.

These are the safest ways of removing wax from your ears. Additionally, you might try placing a lit beeswax candle near your ear, causing it to melt your ear wax. However, this is quite dangerous and should be done carefully.

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