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The Ambivalent Character of ExtremeFitness

The notion of extreme fitness does notdescribe a unique state of physical fitness. Rather, it is applicableonto every person's body individually. Namely, someone may considerdoing 10 push-ups extreme fitness since it requires 100% of his/herstrength and stamina. However, for a hardcore marine or aprofessional athlete 1000 push-ups are considered extreme.

Therefore, depending on our level ofphysical fitness, extreme fitness stands for an exercise programwhich involves us using above 80% of our overall physicalcapabilities in order to perform successfully. During this kind of aworkout, our body is supposed to feel like it is unable to cope withthe exercise. Still, we are to cross the limits of our strength andcapabilities, managing to perform the workout with no problems.

There are many different programs whichenable you to indulge into this kind of a workout. You may search theinternet for DVD orders which contain detail explanations andinstructions of extreme fitness, or you may hit the gym and ask for apersonal trainer who will lead you through the extreme fitnessprocess. Either way, the harder it gets, the more extreme it is andthe greater positive effect on your body it will have. Nevertheless,be careful and make sure you are in a good physical shape beforestarting this type of workout, since it is quite demanding.

More about Extreme Fitness

Usually, extreme fitness exercisesrequire spending time in harsh conditions where your every moverequires excessive amounts of physical and mental effort, for thesake of physical advancement. Skateboarding, snowboarding, mountainclimbing and other such activities are best examples of extremefitness. These usually involve danger which is a great motivatorcausing adrenaline rushes which increase the amount of effort, thusboosting the effect. These may help you get prepared for animportant, physically demanding occasion, or simply overcome yourfears of height, speed, falling and injury.

Since all of these activities, as wellas many others of this type, require special, usually protective,equipment, they are quite expensive. However, taking intoconsideration all the positive things they bring in a person's life,these are definitely worth it. These sports and extremefitness activities boost your strength and stamina, making yourphysical appearance stunning. These will also make you skilled inareas which can be used for other walks of life.

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