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Erectile dysfunction is an embarrassing problem many men have to face with. It is actually an inability of a man to accomplish erection and maintain it during the entire sexual intercourse. Men should not worry if they face erection problems occasionally. If, erectile dysfunction, however, tends to linger and becomes an ongoing problem, a man is due to seek professional help, investigate underlying causes of the condition and actively engage in appropriate treatment.

Optimal results can be achieved if the underlying condition is properly treated or completely cured and if all the triggers of erectile dysfunction are eliminated. Also, for all men who do not suffer from erectile dysfunction, there are preventive measures that can successfully keep the condition at bay.

What are Risk Factors for Erectile Dysfunction?

It is normal for older men to develop erection with an effort. The organ may also not be as firm as it used to be while they were younger. So, the process of aging can affect erection but it in general does not cause serious problems unless there are additional conditions involved.

This is why people suffering from diabetes, heart conditions, problems with circulation etc. may additionally develop erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, medications they are taking on a daily basis for these conditions may cause erectile dysfunction as one of many side effects.

Obesity, using tobacco, drug and alcohol use are several more factors contributing to erectile dysfunction.

It is also possible to experience problems with erection after surgical resection of the prostate or radiation therapy of the pelvis.

It is confirmed that injury to nerves in charge of erection as well as prolonged bicycling may be associated with erectile dysfunction.

Finally, the condition occurs if there are psychological conditions of different kind.

Prevention of Erectile Dysfunction

The best way to prevent erectile dysfunction is to prevent conditions that can cause dysfunction in the first place. Since this is many times impossible, even when these diseases occur, they can be well controlled and this way one may avoid the onset of erectile dysfunction.

Also, by making healthy lifestyle choices a man may postpone, if not completely prevent erectile dysfunction from occurring. Smokers are due to quit smoking, alcohol drinking should be reduced and illicit drug intake completely stopped.

Finally, men who are under chronic stress, anxious and nervous individuals and those filled with negative feelings are due to learn and adopt some of many relaxation techniques and perform these on a daily basis. Yoga, meditation etc. are some of activities which can help you relax and stay calm.

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