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Today, about 5% of all men older than 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, this problem is present in up to 25% of men older than 65. This condition can be triggered by many factors, ranging from alcohol and drug abuse to extreme fatigue. Either way, if you are a man incapable of achieving a state of penile erection in more than 50% of cases, you are suffering from a condition called erectile dysfunction. Then you need treatment since there is a high likelihood that an underlying condition is triggering your problems. However, if you fail to achieve erection in less than 20% of cases, this is not a serious issue.

Why Does Erectile Dysfunction Happen?

In order for male erection to happen, certain factors need to be fulfilled. Basically, his penile nerves must be working optimally, being healthy and undamaged. Also, the blood supply and circulation to the penis needs to be proper and constant. Moreover, the blood vessels in the area need to be capable of trapping and holding the blood inside the penis during erection. Finally, the brain must be under control of these processes since not a single erection can take place without this factor.

Therefore, problems with any of the above mentioned requirements are bound to lead to failure of a male to achieve a proper erection, necessary for having a sexual intercourse.

Age is also a possible cause of this condition, mainly due to the fact that as men grow older they become more prone to various health problems which can interfere with their sexual functions. Basically, once they cross the age of 50, male sexual potency starts decreasing severely.

In the past, medical practitioners believed that sexual dysfunction had everything to do with psychological factors. However, even though this is true, physical aspects of one's health play a vital role in his sexual functions too.

Statistical Data regarding Age and Erectile Dysfunction in Men

During a research, more than 31,000 of health professionals were asked about their sex life and performance. Namely, they were asked to mark their performance. Those who marked theirs with 'poor' or 'very poor' were classified as impotent.

The results were various and about 74% of younger test subjects described their performance as 'good' or 'very good'. However, people older than 80 were satisfied with their sex life in only 10% of cases. Furthermore, 12% of younger individuals had problems with their erectile function. However, 1/3 of all men older than 50 admitted that they suffered from erectile dysfunction.

All in all, the results showed that 2% of males younger than 40 suffered from erectile dysfunction while in 10 years older individuals these results reached 4% only to climb to 26% in men up to 59 years of age. Finally, people between 60 and 69 years of age suffered from erectile dysfunction in 40% of reported cases.

Living healthy and exercising regularly seemed to be factors which allowed older people to be sexually potent even at an older age.

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