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Erectile dysfunction is a problem characterized by the inability to get and keep an erection. Another term for this problem is impotence.

Occasional problems with erection are usually not a cause for great concert, since it can happen and it does happen to nearly anyone. Persistent and chronic erectile dysfunction, on the other hand, can represent a serious problem, not only because of its effects on a men’s confidence and self-esteem, but also because it may indicate a more serious underlying health problem.

In many cases the problem is related to stress or an emotional issue. Addressing those factors is the best way to deal with erectile dysfunction. In other cases, solving the underlying health condition should be enough to solve erection problems as well.

Risk factors

Certain factors have been recognized as potential contributors to problems regarding the erection. Aging is one of the most significant factors, however, the age is not a direct cause. It is more likely that health conditions that come with old age are interfering with normal erectile function.

Certain medical conditions also count as risk factors, especially diabetes and heart disease. Medications associated with erectile dysfunction include antidepressants, anxiety drugs, antihistamines, diuretics and pain killers.

Smoking and chewing tobacco cause damage to blood vessels, which is directly linked to erection problems.

Risk factors also include obesity, injuries, certain surgical procedures involving parts of the male reproductive system, frequent bicycling, stress, depression and various emotional issues.

Dealing with erectile dysfunction

Whatever the cause of erectile dysfunction is, this problem is, for most men, very embarrassing, frustrating and stressful. Some men tend to ignore it, pretending it will go away on its own. True enough, sometimes the erection goes back to normal once certain factors have resolved, but more often it is required to address the problem, identify the cause and seek solutions for it.

It is wrong to assume that an occasional problem with erection automatically means long-term problem that will repeat itself during the next sexual encounter. That approach will only increase the anxiety and high anxiety levels can cause erectile dysfunction, which all results in a vicious circle.

It is recommended to consider certain lifestyle changes that include quitting all unhealthy habits, starting living a more active life and possibly seeking help from a professional.

It is very beneficial to involve the sexual partner in the process of dealing with erectile dysfunction. That way the frustration, anxiety and stress will be significantly reduced.

If the problem persists, it is best to see a doctor who will identify the exact cause of erectile dysfunction and recommend appropriate treatment.

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