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Erectile dysfunction refers to a man's inability to have an erection, something that can lead to great difficulty when a man would like to get his partner pregnant. There are many possible causes of erectile dysfunction in men, and they can be physical or psychological. Sometimes treating erectile dysfunction, also referred to as male impotence, is straight forward. At other times, it can be complicated and a long-term process. Treatment depends on the cause of erectile dysfunction, therefore revealing the underlying reasons why a man cannot get an erection is key.

Vascular disease is among the leading causes of male impotence. For men over the age of 60, it explains 50 to 60 percent of all cases of erectile dysfunction. Risk factors for arteriosclerosis, which is in fact the narrowing and hardening of arteries, are diabetes, hypertension, and abnormally high cholesterol levels. Vascular disease is also linked to smoking, and hoping to retain the possibility of having an erection is perhaps a compelling reason for quitting smoking for some. Drugs (both medications and illegal drugs) are another cause of erectile dysfunction. Some heart medications, hypertension drugs, antidepressants and sleeping pills can contribute to importance. If you are taking any of these and have been having trouble getting an erection, discussing switching medications with your doctor may be an option for you.

Some men's erectile problems are caused by psychological factors or hormonal imbalances, and neurological conditions are behind other men's impotence. Sometimes, previous injury can make a man impotent. For some, the cause of erectile dysfunction is immediately apparent, but some other men may have no idea what caused their impotence. If you have any worries, it is advisable to see a urologist as soon as possible especially when you are trying to get your partner pregnant! Also see erectile dysfunction and male infertility.

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