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Erectile dysfunction is frustrating condition for all men. It generally affects older patients although some younger individuals may develop the condition as well. There are certain diseases which increase the risk of developing erectile dysfunction and diabetes mellitus is only one of them.

In such patients there is severe damage to blood vessels and rapid atherosclerosis both of which interfere with adequate blood flow through the affected blood vessels. We all know that if a man wants to achieve and sustain erection, blood vessels in the penis must get filled with blood. In diabetic patients, however, such filling may not be possible and this leads to recurrent problems with erection.

What can Diabetic Patients Do?

If this happens to men suffering from diabetes, they are due to consult their health care provider. It is essential to be honest with the doctor who will help you even more if he/she is familiar with all data regarding your problem.

Doctor will perform a physical exam and may also order several more tests and exams. He/she will also investigate all medications the patient is currently taking. It may be that the very disease is not responsible for erectile dysfunction. Sometimes the drugs these patients are taking (medications prescribed for associated medical conditions) may be the reason why they cannot achieve or sustain erection.

In the majority of men suffering from diabetes it is essential to keep blood vessels healthy and this can be achieved by maintaining optimal level of sugar in blood. This is the goal of the treatment for diabetes as well a way to prevent all associated health problems stemming from unregulated blood sugar.

Finally, if the problem lingers, the affected man is due to seek counseling. Only this way he may be able to face the condition he is suffering from and eliminate negative emotions such as anxiety, nervousness, depression etc.

Take Control Today

All people suffering from diabetes, not only men who have developed erectile dysfunction, are due to take control over their disease and do as much as possible to bring it under control.

Firstly, they are supposed to have regular consultations with their doctor who will adjust their therapy. For instance, if oral antidiabetic medications do not provide with desirable results, one may be prescribed insulin injections. Also, the dose of insulin must be well adapted, especially during infections or while practicing some sports.

Secondly, with proper diet patients may be able to maintain optimal levels of sugar in blood. This is also achieved with regular physical activity.

All the mentioned may help a man to prevent erectile dysfunction in the first place. If the condition occurs, he may benefit from several treatment options including some medications, penis pumps or penile implants. After consulting with his doctor, the men will opt for the best possible solution.

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